Show Case – Issue 2 2016 

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Title: Show Case – Issue 2 2016 
Author: Show Magazine 
Pages: 118  | Format: PDF  | Size: 23.2 MB  | Quality: Excellent  | Language: English 

   Show Case is the hottest magazine with charming girls. If you like hot, seductive and exotic girls, then you will definitely like this magazine!
   Show is a monthly magazine, founded and published by Shaun Cummings in 2005. Show is focused on young urban men and shows off a glamorous photo of female models from around the world. Shaun Cummings was previously editorial director of the magazine, as well as the creator and editorial director of glossy magazine Girl (2002-2005). After the Success of the Show, Cummings published a spin-off magazine Showcase, which presents extensive photo shoots, usually one or two of the most popular pin-up models often featured in Show. Cummings also publishes another spin-off magazine, Black Lingerie, which features photo shoots of several models in various black lingerie ensembles, usually against a white background. Also in the Show Magazine line is the art of sexuality, a completely nude pictorial edition, ShowGirlz Latina,